Christ Apostolic Church North America Business Fellowship CACNABF (formerly known as   CACNA Strategic Business Partners and CACNA Business Men & Women Group Fellowship), was an idea that was spiritually inspired by our father Pastor (Dr.) Solomon Oyeleke in 2011 when the newly acquired CAC Village was undergoing some financial crisis.

Pastor Oyeleke saw that there was a need to reach all the specific members of the church who run their own businesses and the financial means to support the work at the CAC Village working together with the leaders of CACNA. He sought out someone whom he felt will meet the qualities of being a business owner, possessing a zealous mind, and a deep passion for the work of God. Such a person will also be able to mobilize other business people within CACNA to join him and support the newly acquired CACNA Village and help it to meet its financial obligations. Pastor Oyeleke choose and contacted Deacon Adedeji Ajibolade who accepted the role and challenge and he first called 2 people to join him who were business owners. The first members to join were Evangelist Bolaji Oladunni and Lady Evangelist Fashakin. The three then contacted Evangelist Opadele (now Pastor) Mama Oni, and Lady Evangelist Abikoye and they became the original members CACNA Business Fellowship.