Christ Apostolic Church,  North America


The first Christ Apostolic Church in North America started as a house fellowship in 1976 by the late Rev. Goke Oyedeji, Ph.d, in Brooklyn, New York. This church is currently the headquarters of the First in the Americas (FITA) DCC within Christ Apostolic Church NorthHistory America. 


The Organizational tree of Christ Apostolic Church has five levels of authority, the highest being the Trustees and the lowest the assembly Pastors.

In North America, there are currently 14 DCCs/Zones, headed by 14 Superintendents. There are congregations in several cities and states in the United States and Canada and all come under the umbrella CAC North America.

Eastern DCC

Western DCC

1st In America DCC

Agbala Itura DCC

New England Zone

South Florida Zone

Central Florida DCC

Baltimore DCC

Manhattan NY DCC

Bethel Fellowship DCC

Canada Zone

Texas Zone

California Zone

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