Welcome to CACNA Business Fellowship.

Christ Apostolic Church, North America,  Business Fellowship (CACNABF) was established to form a network and union between all self-employed individuals and member-owned Businesses;  these are individuals who are members of Christ Apostolic Church in North America. The group consists of all willing business individuals who are interested and has been inspired by the Holy Spirit to be members. Such members believe and will work together towards the course of supporting the projects of  CACNA especially the CACNA  village development project.


Christ Apostolic Church North America  Business Fellowship (CACNABF) has embarked on many Projects to enhance it’s mission to support Christ Apostolic Church, North America. By the grace of God, this Fellowship has over the years contributed greatly to the financial support of CACNA and CAC Village.

Christ Apostolic Church North America  Business Fellowship (CACNABF) within a short time of existence has been successful because of the strong spirit of Unity and zeal towards the work of God that is evident within the members of the fellowship.